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(turn) the mental guide that reading is a nation and times
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A people is right the manner of the book, it is the basic report of this nation quality, a nation that does not read is the nation of a dilettante ignorance. Often tell " to would rather be fed without the flesh, cannot reside the " that do not have bamboo, I say " can be fed without the flesh, ju Mozhu, cannot reside the " that do not have a book. Russia is a great nation, the good convention that with its the whole people reads is having inseparable concern.

Than on consistent section train 118 seats, 100 have Russians are holding a book in both hands to read, but Russia government feels to feel insufficient, still extend freely in subway station, public transportation station newspaper and journal. When Russia economy is fatigued, people queues up to buy loaf in cold wind, apart one Mi Yuan, well-ordered, or read a newspaper, or read, the platoon arrives in front of, empty stomach rumble, biscuit was done not have, twist a body to go next, not crowded, do not increase a place of strategic importance, not complaint, do not curse, this kind of good education is its the whole people reads of builds culture atmosphere reflect.

A nation that does not love to read is the nation that is destined to do not have a future. Reforming and opening, the Chinese had read best opportunity: The first, great majority person is satiate abdomen; The 2nd, had the time of be unemployed, how many have the pocket money that buys a book, and more important is ideological diversity, culture confine unlock, readable book is increasing, and reading means has network, newspaper, magazine, books, honester and honester also facilitating people reads.

But, now of people spirit level rise and the demand to cultural life, come more agog to corporeal life demand as people far, should be a mature with each passing day, deep, gentle, composed, period that has depth originally, become blundering however, dilettante, ignorant, nearsightedness, eager for quick success and instant benefit and low. This is a very terrible phenomenon undoubtedly.

The people with the fine any on the world and prosperous and strong country, it is spirit above all go up develop, on culture develop, on affection develop, just be the abundance of corporeal fortune after that. People perhaps does not read now, perhaps stem from do sth unconventional or unorthodox, pack, feigned, itself of this kind of state of mind is incorrect. This is to abandon this and pursue end, it is a kind of distress.

If a times does not have actively of general collect masses to read, it is a lean times namely, it is a spellbound times, it is a brokenhearted, times that does not have the soul. If a times can walk in the depth of of the thought without the person, do not have a person to be able to reach the peak peak of culture, and have legion chase after the deepness that thinks as Xiang Sai to seek, go to the height of culture ascend, so this times also is a gloomy age, the prosperity that its material lives also is a kind cannot abiding false appearance.
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