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The person that does to the target has belief -- salary of king of university of
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Wang Lu - Guangdong of CCTV speech match saves champion, the whole nation the 13rd
The individual basically is experienced
Wang Lu, 18 years old, institute of English of university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language is advanced interpreter major is big 3 students
During high school, have the honor to win contest of competence of knowledge of English of countrywide high school student to save first prize
Directed English institute greatly the contest of English speech dialect of 5 big traditional matches
Big 2 win contest of speech of English institute English name and award of the 4th optimal person energy of life
Big the first prize of 2 astral Guangzhou area that win a hope
Big 3 win contest of speech of English of university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language the 2nd
Big 3 obtain Guangdong of match of speech of English of CCTV cup whole nation to save champion, the whole nation 13
Big 3 directed English institute the English Thespian contest of 5 big traditional matches

Working experience

Big the 2 press conferences that attend mayor of American los angeles to visit Guangzhou, quiz to mayor gentleman on behalf of the school
Big before 2 delegates school attends the United States, Karen Huges of deputy Secretary of State comes China the press conference of the visit
Big 2 held the position of Mexico philharmonic come China of the beautiful book director of the visit and pianist translate
Big the 2 English that held the position of Guangzhou international furniture to exhibit are translated
Big 2 for Hong Kong and Korea company of some foreign trade undertook English of North America area is publicized piece dub works
Big 2 at Shanghai autograph of some model company is made an appointment with, hold the position of the magazine model of supervise the manufacture of
The spoken English that already built oneself in Guangzhou at present grooms center

Countrywide final already pulled down heavy curtain, after-thought a few months come the experience of the match, feeling fine is much.

Dream to become an outstanding lecturer when oneself are very small, probably the relation because of my disposition, I very envy those stations to speak him think of a way on speech stage, let the world hear him audio lecturer. Elementary school played the speech game of a lot of Chinese, achieved right result. After entering junior high school, below father's encouragement, I begin serious study English. At first, my English achievement can be used be in a complete mess will describe, but the dream that thinks of oneself and target, the motivation with constant in a steady stream arises in the bottom of the heart. I begin to make my study English plan, tell oneself ceaselessly forward fixed target tries hard. A day, in January, a year, my English level slowly rise, after entering high school, english level produced simple change.
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