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Chongqing university happy event is obtained dozenth " outside grind company cup
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Dozenth center of company international conference grinds to hold outside contest of controversy of English of whole nation of company cup ” grinding to be in Beijing at coming 26 days on May 18, 2008 outside “ . By outside grind the course that the debate of countrywide undergraduate English that the company sponsors surpasses a course 11 years, incidence takes part in the match from 8 original the school develops 120 universities this year. Company cup ” grinds outside “ the controversy is surpassed and same by outside grind company advocate match of speech of English of “CCTV cup ” was education of English of college of promotion our country and study to provide a very main platform. Chongqing university expedited Sun Ting of two players —— and Zhang He this year, they passed 8 round robin to obtain the result of third class award below the guidance of Mr. Feng Wei.
What contest of company cup controversy grinds to adopt outside is American parliament makes type controversy form, whole match has two delegations, square is Proposition, just be Opposition instead. Every team has two members, one argue has speech opportunity twice, 2 argue make a speech once opportunity. Distinguishing what surpass at Chinese controversy is the parliament makes a controversy emphasize team member solving all sorts of difficult problem of the domain such as economy, politics, education, society as policy policymaker more. Both sides of this need positive and negative gives out detailed account, policy, benefit will prove to whether pass the Case that gives out by square.
Two players of Chongqing university are this year in round robin early or late university of university of the 2nd foreign language, Shanghai finance and economics mixes as geological as Normal University of southwest nation university, Xiangtan university, Xi'an traffic university, Sichuan, China university, Beijing university of Wuhan science and technology encounters. This school is in win with Xiangtan university, sichuan Normal University, after the match of Chinese geological university and university of Shanghai finance and economics with 4: The achievement of 4 wins third class award.
The total champion this year will produce —— afternoon on May 26 university of central finance and economics, runner-up is university of Xi'an foreign language, ji Jun is Beijing aerospace university is mixed China in Normal University. University of finance and economics goes to total final from Mock Round in the center of champion winner, pick the laurel that got national champion with an indefectible achievement.
Total final is admittedly wonderful, but what have appeal more is —— of the Foreign Minister before our country Comrade Li Zhaoxing right before prize-giving ceremony of Chinese undergraduate send word and bless. Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing is in before the to this school choir when chatting with Chongqing college player still remain fresh in one's memory, and admiring still Chongqing is the city with the biggest whole world, urban area exceeds kilometer of 80 thousand square. The Chongqing book student that Li Zhaoxing's minister joins Chongqing university to the deep impression of Chongqing is open-eyed also unceasingly.
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