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Those who block Yi backside " secret "
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Do not know you to whether had heard KAWAII (block Yi) this Japanese vocabulary, its original intention is " lovely " . Calorie of today's Yi, it is a magical poetry, it can control economic activity, the heart of exhaustion of can placatory people, can make human relation becomes lubricant.

Japanese grown woman says to block Yi easily, for example, the glasses that says a president very block Yi, the belly that says boss grow stout blocks Yi, praise those who block Yi to serve as pair of old men word. In the past, in the consciousness of people, perhaps be impossible to use calorie of Yi to boss to elder, the aesthetic consciousness of people and value consciousness changed already completely nowadays.

The person must want to be brought up, must want to move toward maturity, this is common common sense and social requirement. But, the society when Japan is affluent to certain level when, seek is bigger of development because of,move actively abate. This, with people more and more those who block Yi is aesthetic actually such likeness.

In the daily life of adult, have a lot of undeserved praise must give praised thing against one's will again however, wear the new tie with the Philistine style of the move to boss for example, or it is the curtain to grade is being lacked in friend home.

Cannot use " really when you good cruel " or it is " when the vocabulary such as decorous " will praise, can use calorie of Yi to give affirmative sex the opinion. Still have, can't help because of be frighted when work in the same placing or lover when the ground gives out strange sound, you also can move calorie of Yi: "Your cry is very lovely! "This word can help party alleviate embarrassed.

Block Yi Zhi to be able to send so big use so, the reason depends on it including a lot of semantics and language move, it conceals its valuation with fumbling, the view that allows the other side to feel oneself and another person or experiencing is same, get supportive. No matter be in what circumstance, each other is not harmed, satisfactory wind up. So, can so say, blocking Yi is Japanese when handling human relation, a very convenience tool.

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