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The toilet culture of flower beauty
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Such a jest: A foreign guest thinks a toilet, say to the interpreter: “I Wonder If I Can Go Somewhere? ”(can I go to the lavatory? ) and the interpreter is Somewhere misunderstanding however “ somewhere ” , answer “Yes consequently, you Can Go Anywhere In China. ”(goes, chinese your where can go. ) foreign guest can'ts help astounded. Visible, if do not understand a few expression of ” of toilet of the “ in English,the law is meeting cause delay in work or business.

1.Public Lavatory meaning is ” of “ public toilet,

Be in public, on bathroom door mark has Gent’s(male lavatory) , or Ladies’(female lavatory) , sometimes also mark has Men’s, men’s Room, gentleman’s, women’s Women’s Room. Be like: Where Is The Gent’s? (Where is the toilet? ) If You Would Like A Wash, the Gentleman’s Is Just Over There. (If want to go up toilet, male lavatory there. Male lavatory there..

2.toilet is a the most commonly used word. Can point to ” of “ public toilet, also can point to “ illicit lavatory ” . For example: I Wonder Where The Toilet Is. (I want to know where the toilet is. (I want to know where the toilet is..

3.lavatory is a polite word, but not as commonly used as Toilet.

4.bathroom is written language.

5.loo is word of a spoken language, use very commonly in England, basically point to the toilet in private house. Be like: Excuse Me, would You Like To Tell Me Where The Loo Is? (Excuse me, where is the toilet? Where is the toilet??

6.powder Room is beautiful words, the lady is commonly used. Be like: I Would Like To Powder My Nose. Behaved the humour of American.

7.wash Room, washing Room, westroom is commonly used at American English.

8.W.C. It is the abbreviate of Water Closet, commonly used at Briticism, state “ has pump water to do not have the toilet ” of equipment, also can express with gesticulation sometimes, namely big toe and forefinger circle become a circle, other 3 point to on, copy the pattern of Cheng Yingwen W and C.

9.John is slang. Be like: Last Night I Went To Visit John Twice. (I waded last night toilet. (I waded last night toilet..

10.go And See One’s Aunt is slang, commonly used at Briticism, state ”“ of the toilet on “ goes defecate ” .