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Condense an interpreter
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An American makes spot presentation to Japan, ask a person to do his interpreter, special leap up jumps over the person that join. American begins to make a speech, told 15 minutes at a heat, stop let that interpreter begin to do spot interpreter, but that person is told only be told, although declaimer feels very strange, but also feel embarrassed ask, continued to say 15 minutes again, stop again let an interpreter break up, result a few words break up. Final American told ten minutes again, finish his speech, and that translates a word to take the past, audience applaud ardently, without the problem under, the speech ends satisfactorily. That American is very curious, want to know that interpreter how so fierce,

Go asking a stage the friend below, what does the interpreter turn over? His friend says:
The first: So far, without what new issue can let.
The 2nd: Whats won't there be to be able to listen before I think of to end.
The 3rd: Look, what I say is right!