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Fish (fish)
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Mention Fish, the first impression that it gives people is to point to “ fish ” , actually its usage is not so simple. Fish uses as the odd number when countable points to a several ” of “ fish and plural form are identical (Two Fish two fish) , plural form just is Fishes when the phyletic ” that points to “ fish (Two Fishes two kinds of fish) ; Fish uses as plural form is not had when countable, should make ” of “ cruelly oppress solve (Help Yourself To Some Fish. Have some of fish casually. ) ; Fish uses as when the verb, its meaning angles with “ again (catch) piscine ” is concerned (Go Fishing goes fishing) .

In spoken English, fish often still is used to point to “ person ” , be similar to ” of the “ fellow in Chinese, thing to wait. Be like: A Poor Fish (pitiful creature) , a Big Fish (magnate) , a Cool Fish (shameless person) , a Strange Fish (strange person, eccentric) , a Loose Fish (debauch ghost) wait. But what must notice is, fish is used although the figure when pointing to a person is bright, but often contain derogatory sense.

The idiom that forms by Fish is very vivid also interesting. Be like: Original idea of Fish In The Air is ” of the fishing in “ sky, analogy points to “ method (to) incorrect and ” of short of purpose, be equivalent to the ” of phrasal “ a fruitless approach in Chinese. Be like again: If the fish leaves water,analogy of Like A Fish Out Of Water points to “ , feel not close ” , analogy of Feel The Fishes points to “ go to Davy Jone's locker; Seasick ” .

A few adage that contain Fish more possess philosophic theory sex. Be like:
1. Never Offer To Teach Fish To Swim. Do not display his slight skill before an expert. (original intention is: Do not teach a fish to swim definitely. )
2. The Best Fish Smell Bad When They Are Three Days Old. Long reside person of the action that fasten the home to disrelish. (original intention is: The fish is about 3 days too smelly. )
3. He Who Would Catch Fish Must Not Mind Getting Wet. Do not enter dangerous place, yan Dehu child. (original intention is: Catch a fish to not be afraid that the shoe is wet. )
4. There's As Good Fish In The Sea As Ever Came Out Of It. Even if lose a chance, not anxious does not have other opportunity. (original intention is: The good fish of sea mile is piscine never-failing. )