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Interpreter come or flow together
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One, full name interpreter
Full name respect, foreigner habit is a name (First Name) advanced, surname (LastName) is in hind. If come up against those who let you be filled together, had better want to note order, if fill,do not cross you turned over, irrespective also. It is when ticket of income and expenses of Bank of China approbatory. For example: Wang Xiaohu, can write into XiaoHu
Wang, also can write into Wang XiaoHu.
2, address interpreter
Interpreter principle: First small hind big.
The Chinese likes to say first big hind say small, be like date of ** of road of ** area **
And the foreigner likes to say first small hind say big, be like area of ** of road of ** date ** , accordingly you should be written first when the interpreter small hind write big.
For example: Hua Zhonglu of city of Chinese Guangdong Shenzhen 1023 5 401 rooms, you are about to begin to write from the room case, room 401, buliding 5,
No.1023, huaZhong Road, shenZhen, guangDong Prov. ,
China (there is blank space at the back of comma) . Attention among them grade name, company name, village name all need not translate into the English that agree, should illuminate only write phoneticize to go. Because of your check the postman that is China sends, the key is to want them to understand. You keep technical large building into Technology
Building, they may be more confused.

The center of sorting of Chinese postal correspondence of every city has person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of translating address of foreign incoming letter into Chinese address now, write in the envelope to hand in below the postman sends.

Important: Your zip code must be written correct, because a few among foreign correspondence postal link are,rely on deliver of zip code area.

3, about how the address that him test and verify keeps after all can by local post office the method of correct deliver
Oneself often see many new the friend that joins a network to make money enquires the correct English expression about the address, actually yourself can adopt completely simple and efficient way undertakes test and verify.
1. goes post office buys an envelope and stamp
2. is written on the envelope on your English or phoneticize address and admit a person
You also can use 3. a variety of means keep an address, be like No.1 Xilu Road and Xilu Lu 1 Hao
The envelope that keeps these good address next sticks good stamp go off with to cast mailbox
4. should receive these letters that send his inside a week, if do not close,have a problem to the address that explains you are written or the post office that are place. To latter, you can use the following respect to undertake personnel undertakes grooming be collectinged to post-office cent, effective, decide the quality at local post office

Use the address of afore-mentioned envelopes Chinese and English write at the same time, group is English on (phoneticize) , next groups are written with Chinese, cast with respect to go off with next send, relapse a few times commonly, , can OK, ,
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