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"The seminar of translation problem learning in communication of philosophy of C
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The ” of seminar of translation problem learning in the communication of philosophy of “ Chinese and Western that institute of modern mind culture and place of philosophy of courtyard of Shanghai company division hold Normal University of department of philosophy of Hua Dong Normal University, Hua Dong jointly was in Shanghai to hold recently, scholar of expert attending the meeting reachs a thought with respect to concept of philosophy of Chinese and Western but the problem such as the interpreter current situation of composing of philosophy of interpret sex, country and development, spread out communication and delibrate.

The person that attend the meeting thinks, the interpreter of philosophical composing and technology kind with literature kind the interpreter is different. In philosophy, of the interpreter of text or thought communicate, often the understanding that end is pair of concepts and interpreter. The culture tradition with different Chinese and Western reachs the thinking that its cause and Semantic Differential, make philosophical concept whether but interpret becomes an issue. In the interpreter of philosophical composing, should distinguish term (Term) with the term (Word) : The culture that is a foundation with term can be translated, because be put in a general foundation, for example scientific language; Because the world that makes by the term does not have quits sex, translate very hard so. Nevertheless, in the communication of different culture, the interpreter still is indispensable link, although indispensable misunderstanding, explanation mixes this one link,create. This made the core issue that illuminate learns.

The person that attend the meeting points out, from latter-day since, because Chinese and Western communicates those who reach an interpreter to spread out, our language appeared the connotation of two levels: One is the original language that inheritance of a few chiliad comes down, another is the language that uses an interpreter. Notional translated term has a plenty of us of new creation, some is us old some word, but although after a kind of circumstance falls, these vocabularies often also obstructed the meaning with old vocabulary, be gifted new, very different meaning. Current logic sex vocabulary, great majority is this kind of translated term (transplanting word) . Accordingly, the logic means of Chinese modern science and thought is affected necessarily, so that cause the ” of “ identity crisis of Chinese philosophy, the thinking means that uses the west namely thinks Chinese philosophy. Today, abundantly translates the culture angst of western work is implicit our oneself, seek the cognizance of identity of a kind of ego through the interpreter namely. But, in economic globalization and world the period setting of much polarization falls, should not emphasize the cent of Chinese and Western overly, and should talk about “ internationalization ” . Such doing, not be the difference that obliterates culture of Chinese and Western, ask however a kind of equal dialog, make oneself participate in regulation as far as possible in making, go.
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