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College project summary is translated " fire " translation firm
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College project summary is translated " fire " translation firm

Project of electric equipment of college of Ning Mou of small Li Shina and automation major student, graduate this year. At present, he is the accident anxious of project. Because project asks to translate paper summary into English, to from big 3 begin to be done not have again " touch " for the Xiaoli that crosses English, difficulty cans be imagined. In be informed after can looking for translation firm to do sth for sb to outside school, a stone in his heart fell eventually the ground. Yesterday, the reporter understands in covering a process, do sth for sb interpreter project, indeed fire firm of a few translations.

Summary interpreter beats many students

As we have learned, the summary part of undergraduate project should translate Cheng Yingwen, as a result of a few papers professional stronger, for professional to be not English part student, even if be 229 words, also as good as at the make sb do sth entirely beyond him.

In interview, the Xiaochen of some college tells Nanning bluntly the reporter, not only the accident anxious that he translates for project, other classmate also is mixed he is same, looking for a person to help everywhere. Ground of his call a spade a spade says: "I am wanting to seek an interpreter company, to the family dot money calculated. " the reporter asks him, why not do oneself try to translate? He sighed to say, he also thinks he gets weigh in hand, but project is different and other simple epistolary with the composition, the summary of the paper often has a lot of professional term, although have English-Chinese big dictionary useless also. As we have learned, the college graduate that is holding this kind of state of mind in the arms with Xiaoli is not little, pursuit is convenient, perfect, and the company of a few interpreters that seeks outside school " do sth for sb " .

Translation firm: Business is the right now busiest

Immediately, the reporter was visited socially firm of a few translations, understand from which, side college graduate translates a paper to also become them to translate a business of the company, especially college graduate busies when writing a paper, this their business is more busy. The reporter translates a company to understand from Nanning city Dong Gelu, the paper summary that 200 word controls is translated, if involve very much professional term, need 100 yuan or so; is general paper summary interpreter only, need 60 yuan or so. Although the price does not poor, still many college graduate are willing to draw out money to translate a paper. Subsequently, the case that the reporter knows in other translation firm is similar also.

College teacher: Do not recommend this course of action

Professor Liu Guobin of Guangxi nation institute says, some student English levels are finite, and of project professional very strong, so very difficult interpreter gives the summary of the paper. But be known according to him, the interpreter cost that the place of firm of a few translations on market wants now is higher, to a few students character, it is a kind of burden.
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