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Ji Xianlin
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Ji Xianlin (1911—) Shandong Qing Dynasty is smooth (arrive quiet town today) person. Joined department of literature of Tsinghua university West 1930, literature of main attack England, hold <> concurrently read Germany and French literature; At the same time Chen Yin of take as an elective course scrupulously and respectfully the literary psychology of sutra interpreter literature of the gentleman, Mr Zhu Guangqian. The interpreter of work of literature of foreign country of after school prep bent on and essay are created. University of Tsinghua of pass an entrance examination and heart diplomatic relation changed a graduate student 1935, learn the common saying of Sanskrit, Baliwen and archaic India into with great concentration of university of root of the court of a feudal ruler of German elder brother. Had the honor to win philosophical doctor's degree 1941. Went back to the motherland 1946, having successively held the posts of Beijing University professor to hold Oriental language literature concurrently is head of professor, department.
After founding a state, have successively held the posts of Chinese character to reform committee committee member, committee member of committee of degree of the State Council holds controller of group of appraise sth through discussion of literature of foreign language character concurrently, language of the 2nd China learns chairman, chairman of seminar of teaching of Chinese foreign language, committee member of department of science of society of philosophy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chinese history learns standing director, director of Chinese writer association, literature of Chinese foreign country learns vice-chairman, chinese South Asia learns chairman, chinese Dunhuang is spat rash time institutional chairman, chairman of reputation of seminar of Chinese nation ancient writing, literature of Dong Wenyu character fastens Beijing University professor, director, director of institute of South Asia of social academy of sciences, china compares literature to learn reputation chairman, " Chinese big encyclopedia " chief editor appoint chairman of seminar of Oriental culture of conference committee member, China, international scholar learns union adviser, afro-asian institute chairman, the language learns chairman. Held the post of Beijing University vice-president 1978. Was elected in March 1993 for chairman of reputation of Macao culture seminar. It is members of standing committee of National People's Congress of the 6th whole nation, the 2nd to committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of 5 whole nations. Was in China in November 2004 interpret assist be by choose on the 5th National Council Chinese interpret assist reputation chairman.
The research such as literature of the semantics of the morphology, original to language of the world in India Buddhist language, Luo Yu that say fire, Sanskrit all makes important contribution. In respect of morphology of language of the world in India, comprehensive and summed up Hinayana masses ministry to speak world department rule to be in charge of systematically " important matter " Ji eulogy place is used mix Sanskrit in all sorts of configuration features of the verb, "
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