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Lin Wusun
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Lin Wusun (1928—) Tianjin person. Add Er to answer each in Tianjin, Shanghai, India early or late and other places is read. Went to the United States 1946, the homecoming at the beginning of 50 time enters day of the aid that fight the United States, association of worker of interpreter of director of bureau of article of the abroad in Ceng Ren, China is standing vice-chairman, " Beijing weekly " deputy editor in chief and controller, " China is translated " magazine chief editor, translate worker association adviser for China now, the whole nation translates vice director of committee of experts of English of qualificatory level exam, education of bureau of Chinese foreign language grooms the center is advanced and advisory. Ever was translated and participate in an interpreter to had been published " strategics of grandchildren, Sun Bin " , " Nanjing massacre " , " the Silk Road " wait for much department work, it is our country famous in one of homes of interpret evaginate interpret, there is very tall attainment in this one domain. Give a lecture is advanced Han Yiying course. January 2002 by Chinese interpret assist commend for award senior interpreter home.

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