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On March 29 message, google company showed a few days ago, will offer the whole world for the user the interpreter of all languages serves.

According to Reuter report, google expresses interpreter function of future, documentation of OK and automatic input, translate into the world to go up next a kind of any main languages. And the means that search tycoon represents to he will use machine translation of a kind of statistic, provide the interpreter's standard by lingustic expert, and rely on before interpreter experience will offer accurate translation. With traditional linguistics nevertheless the interpreter differs, prospective Google translates a service to basically will pass computer come true, namely the mode that computer will come to decide a language, provide the interpreter result of final version. Translate sectional leader according to Google company, german Franz Och of 35 years old discloses, although can be not achieved apple-pie, newest nevertheless machine translation still compares interpreter of traditional linguistics statistic to rise somewhat.

The user that at present a few try out cross “ expresses, the translation service after improving is in quality aspect is surprising. ”Och expresses. For the user that “ never uses machine translation to those, the text after they can pass an interpreter completely understands textual meaning, a few subtle mistakes can not cause too big trouble. ” is in spot test, arabic basically was achieved to English interpreter perfect, however although the Russian interpreter to English does not have an obstacle on understanding, but still appear a little jerky. Meanwhile, those and collect arrives the language of enough information, for example certain Africa is aboriginal language, the interpreter's effect wants a few poorer.

Google expresses, get through more language information, machine translation effect of future will reach perfect state finally. The company shows, a few kinds of languages with machine translation at present better effect include Chinese, Arabic and Russian. And the support that passes tripartite software, german and other language also can be supported.

Search tycoon company Mr CEO Mr Eric to take seriously very to translating business, he once expressed publicly, it is OK that “ imagines be in flashy, make a paragraph of character mutual in 100 kinds of languages change, google and other company are nearing this one end through the method of statistical machine translation. Be the fetters and handcuffs because of the language, there is too much communication between the country that a lot of cultural circles decide, the scared feeling between person and person also should be born however. We will break this one awkward situation finally. ”
(article origin: Sai Di net)

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