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Flower interpret gives Olympic Games menu furnace
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” of bean curd of “ hemp mother-in-law is translated into “Bean Curd Made By A Pock-marked Woman”(all over the face the bean curd) that the woman of fleck makes, lung of “ husband and wife piece the lobar section) that ” translates into husband of “Husband And Wife's Lung Slice”(and wife, the chicken that interpreter of ” of “ spring chicken has done not have sexual life into “Chicken Without Sexual Life”() these let …… deadbeat of China and foreign countries is between tears and smiles, the interpreter of indescribable menu, will be during Beijing Olympic Games and even later swoon, acting with newest and uniform interpreter method.

Before this, be similar to in front the jest that the dish name that mentions translates is very much, be like “ again ” of a round mass of food of 4 happy event is translated into “ ” of 4 glad meatball ” , large meatball of “ braise in soy sauce is burned into “ by interpret red large meatball ” , by no means an isolated case. It is to put an end to during the Olympic Games make a laughingstock of oneself before experts, bring inconvenience to foreign tourist, or cause international jest, beijing tourism bureau will draft last year in August " Chinese dish name English interpret law " discussion draft, be announced external and ask for a citizen to suggest.

Adopt each approaches, after the proposal that solicited numerous people, seek an opinion more through half an year, discuss and revise, beijing tourism bureau came on stage to unite a few days ago " law of interpret of Chinese menu English " . Beijing city restaurant of above of class of 8 areas SamSung can head for office of government of meal of restaurant of Beijing tourism bureau to get since June 12.

It is reported, " law of interpret of Chinese menu English " it is to be during raising Beijing Olympic Games, the service recieves a level, law of interpret of English of bill of fare of industry of normative Beijing hotel, meal industry and by Beijing tourism bureau is mixed do outside Beijing publish editorial, the name that to China near 3000 dish taste did the interpreter of English.

The reporter sees, in new bill of fare, some adopted transliteration to add the way that represents sexual specification. If hemp mother-in-law bean curd is translated into Mapo Tofu (Stir-Fried Tofu In Hot Sauce) , a round mass of food of 4 happy event still is “Four-Joy Meatballs” (4 glad meatball) , special nevertheless added complement to show “Meat Balls Braised With Brown Sauce” . Some adopted free translation, showed a way, be like lung of husband and wife piece English interpreter is unified for Pork Lungs In Chili Sauce, steamed spring chicken is Steamed Spring Chicken.
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