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The world translates tycoon SDL to buy IDIOM
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Idiom the issue that made the client shock that lets great majority: It sold a competitor itself---The interpreter manages supplier SDL. Will be on Feburary 11 below since, industry buys the response that Idiom makes to SDL.
Investigation makes clear, buy to this, major person supports negative attitude. In an investigation that has in this week, have a such problems, “ buys Idiom to SDL, what do you think antonym character industry can arise to affect? It is beneficial that ” has the business client of 35% to think to buy only or very beneficial, and the person of 60% thinks this is adverse or very harmful. The language of near 3/4 serves a supplier (LSP) it is adverse that the employee of the organization thinks to trade this to develop to language industry or very harmful.
On a of Feburary 13 online seminar of 90 minutes when be. The person that attend the meeting expressed the regret that lost independent status to Idiom.
SDL is being reformed. SDL has begun the orgnaization of pare overstaffed, cut down almost Idiom the employee of 1/4---Come from supportive branch for the most part, for instance the market, finance and administration. In what buy before a week, SDL is in England to itself redundant marketing staff also undertook cutting. Last year the autumn, the vice-president of the responsible market of the market chief inspector of SDL and Idiom left their respective company.
Competitor and partner make response quickly. Rise momently then from what announce to buy almost, translations.com (interpreter net) gave out “ safe passageway to plan ” to Idiom and SDL/Trados client. Quickly, elanex is high-key the supplier ” that boasts “ translates the last independence that runs software, announced its are in-house the terminal translation service to terminal and technical solution, thebigword also rolled out the language chamberlain TMS that collect fees. Clay Tablet also came on stage to be able to endure the technology of interpreter government technological process of prospective test.
Note: 1.SDL: Global information manages (the banner provider of GIM) solution, devote oneself to to help each the much language content that big company yields high quality is cast quickly to global market. Famous interpreter government serves a supplier.
2.Idiom is the software service with banner industry is changed (SaaS) run a system with the globalization that is based on a server (GMS) supplier, devote oneself to to help client and partner simplify interpreter and this locality change technological process, quicken product documentation to release time
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