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Pure Chinese becomes English new term
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The consequence of Chinese drove global Chinese heat not only, it more make what English produces profundity change, chinese vocabulary becomes the main source of English new vocabulary. Before before long, the language of “ whole world that is located in the United States supervises ” orgnaization to release a report to say, english is changing unprecedentedly on experience history, the strong impact of Chinese type English makes English makes world mixture sign.

Chinese style English includes a vocabulary

According to statistic, in the vocabulary that joins international English procession since 1994, chinese style English contributed 5%% to arrive 20%% , exceed any other source. This report says, “ of word-for-word Chinese style English is very long do not see ”(Longtimenosee) , still “ drinks tea ”(drinktea) , already made English word group of the standard now. English of more Chinese style still is continueing to arise, include Sino-British already once upon a time compound to be like “ coolie ”(coolie) , “ typhoon ”(typhoon) . Of these words extensive and current, make English vocabulary library grow quickly.
Pass through vocabularies of these Chinese type English, they often can refract a China's not contemporaneous times feature. For example, the vocabulary that reflects distinguishing feature of culture of Chinese ancient time has: Confucianism(Confucianism) , FourBooks(the four Books (The Great Learning,The Doctrine of the Mean,The Analects of Confucius and Mencius) ) , ) of FiveClassics(the five classics, and couplet of family of Family Contract Responsibility System(is produced contract) of system of job responsibility, ) of economy of Knowledge Economy(knowledge, peaceful Rising(peace rises abruptly) wait for a vocabulary account the social prospect after Chinese reforming and opening.

The wonderful child of Sino-British union

To receive the Olympic Games, beijing already began the label in English of type of public cleared China a few days ago, but a few see be used to the foreigner of English of Chinese style humour is about to end to this city scenery and feel regretful. A few foreigners collect English of many China type in rich guest even, there is a German young person that calls Ji Shaorong among them.