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Youth of cup of Han Suyin, lotus translates the lecture before the contest is su
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On May 27 in the evening 19: 00, the lecture before youth of cup of the sound of countrywide Han element that by me the courtyard organizes, lotus translates a contest to surpass gives birth to family building in cadre 001 classrooms are held ceremoniously. This the lecture invited the whole nation to translate a bound in well-known public figure south senior professor Professor Xiao Liming is institute of university foreign language my courtyard 05, the guidance before 06 class student makes game. The game of interpreter of two lotus cup that Professor Xiao Liming picks with the section takes part in the match work is exemple, explained the regulation in Ying Yihan and Han Yiying process and skill. He points out the language is system of a sign, hold regulation and skill from whole only in translating a process, accomplish depend on this begging body of letter, mind is compatible ability rises the interpreter to a height. Each domains that Professor Xiao Liming still points out to the interpreter opens to the outside world in the country are having very big effect, hope broad student tries hard to learn the ability of the ridgepole and beam-pillar of the state that becomes the motherland, make be present the student is encouraged.