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Yuan the focus that earths up translation firm to become the world to translate
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On August 4, 2008, eve of Beijing Olympic Games, the worker of buccal written translation of world each country, investigator and industry will gather together about the personage river bank of Shanghai yellow riverside, the 18th world that enters You Yuanpei to translate exclusive assistance, international to translate an alliance and China to translate association to be sponsorred jointly translates congress.

World interpreter congress is the cosmopolitan plenary meeting that alliance of international interpreter home holds 3 every years, already mixed in Europe, America up to now from 1954 Oceanian and other places held 17. Its content involves academic research, education to groom, books is published, equipment of soft hardware development, equipment numerous domain of the learning related to the interpreter, industry, drew whole world each country every time government sector, relevant the height of each large research organization, school, enterprise pays close attention to and participate in eagerly, the world that be called translates the Olympic congress of group of learning, industry. This international translates congress yuan earth up an interpreter to regard as exclusive advocate the sponsor appears, chinese interpreter association is right yuan earth up an interpreter to be in the contribution that makes to translate industry place offerred sufficient affirmation. During congress yuan the interviewing that earthed up interpreter president Jiang Xiaolin to accept much home media.
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