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Honorary President of China Tang Jiaxuan TAC translators congratulations to th
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In the traditional Chinese holidays - Spring Festival approaching, the first executive vice president of the Translators Association of China, the Chinese Foreign Office and the Chinese Deputy Secretary Guo Xiaoyong Jiang Yonggang TAC Deputy Secretary-General made a special trip to see the original state councilor, Honorary Translators Association of China Comrade Long Tang Jiaxuan, on behalf of the country translators to congratulate Comrade Tang Chinese New Year. Reported to Comrade Guo Xiaoyong Tang Jiaxuan of China, held recently executive director of TAC will be the sixth case of secondary and associations focus in 2010. Tang hear Comrade fully affirmed the hope that the Chinese year of work on scientific organization of TAC, carry them out. Association to hear the new executive vice president to further clarify the respective areas of expertise and is also responsible for a Director of Professional Committee of the arrangements, Tang Jiaxuan spoke highly of comrades, that this can carry forward the work style of integrating theory with practice, better play translation co-leadership role; to learn more industry development, to facilitate targeted work; can do more practical things for members to provide quality services. Tang Jiaxuan, the Chinese comrades that the upcoming TAC and other units, "the second Chinese-Foreign - China Forum to the world the way" very meaningful, expressed strong support. Finally, Guo Xiaoyong Tang comrades entrusted to the Chinese translation of TAC members and the vast number of workers extend New Year greetings.